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Marco Polo Ram - #2 record
Marco Polo Ram - #2 on record. Shot with a Jack Keister Custom rifle 

Jack Keister Custom


Monday - Friday

9:00AM til 5:00PM

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Jack Keister

Jack Keister

Custom Cammo Jack Keister

Custom Finishing

Please welcome to Jack Keister Custom Guns 

Mike Ryan. 
Mike will be handling all our marketing and public relations. 

About Mike:

He's the creator of the Hit Show Before the Hunt seen on The Hunt Channel and My Outdoor TV. Before the Hunt has more than 2.3/3 5 million views per month.

Jack Keister Custom specializes in a wide array of custom gunsmith services. 


We can build your dream firearm. With over 24 years experience, we are experts in complete custom rifle builds, re-stocking rifles, installing muzzle brakes. We accurize, custom Cerakote, and refinish handguns and rifles. We offer custom engraving. We build tactical, hunting or ultralight long and ELR (extreme long range) rifles to your specifications. We are authorized dealers for Swarovski OptiksHuskemaw, Cerakote and more. 



We will build from customer supplied parts.


We are manufacturing our own in-house rifle stocks. We are excited to offer one of the lightest available rifle stocks made in the USA. We can re-stock your current rifle. Give us a call at (540) 867-0488 to discuss your custom gunsmith needs. We provide service to Virginia and USA vendors and clients.

We offer custom:

Restocking Barreled Actions 

Carbon Fiber Stocks

Carbon Fiber Barrels

Barrel threading

Blue Print Actions


Triggers and Trigger Adjustments

New Bolts


Stock Painting and Refinishing


Complete Rifle Builds

Handgun Work

Complete Rifle Accurizing

About Us

Jack is an avid hunter and outdoorsman with years spent behind the trigger. Through his experience, he has tried many different methods to build and produce the best firearms possible. After years of research and experience, Jack is producing the ultimate in precision and long-range shooting rifles. His lightweight, durable and ergonomic designs are leading the way in today's custom rifles. Whether it be high country, long range or tactical shooting, Jack is the go-to guy for any and all firearm needs. 


Call Jack Keister to discuss your next project:
(540) 867-0488



Custom Engraving from Jack Keister
Custom firearm finishes
made in the usa.gif

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"Jack Keister's work is outstanding, making sure each detail of every project is considered with each customer. He and his assistant, Jason, have rebuilt and modified a Remington 700 SPS Tactical for me and I am more than pleased with its performance. Previous group sizes, using hand loads, ranged between .5" and 1" at 100 yards. After Jack's work, my group sizes have been consistent at .2" at 100 yards. The rifle definitely outshoots me! 


 -Kenny Hyden (Active Law Enforcement and Tactical Medic)

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